My Education and
Professional Experience

Thank you for inquiring into my education and
professional experience. I have 2 graduate degrees, one
as a clinical social worker from Tulane University in 197
and the other as a psychologist from United States
International in 1989. I am licensed in both professions.

My professional experience spans 37 years. I have
worked in community mental health centers, hospitals
and drug abuse clinics. I have extensive experience
working with adults, adolescents and children. I have
post graduate training in individual therapy and
extensive training in couples and family therapy. I
consistently maintain my education and skills by
attending workshops and seminars on a variety of
topics. I have been a consultant with the County of
Orange Health Care Agency to help develop and maintain
the quality of the Children and Youth Services Behavioral
Health Programs.

I have been trained in state-of-the-art hypnotherapy
techniques by Smoke Free International and am certified
as a Smoking Cessation Specialist by the International
Hypnosis Federation. I am a certified practitioner in
Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and have been
trained in a variety of other approaches including Gestalt
Therapy and Rational Emotive Therapy. I have done
extensive self study in existentialism and spirituality
including A Course in Miracles which has been a mainstay
of my personal and spiritual growth.

Through the benefits I've gained from my own personal
growth work, I know the value that hypnotherapy can
have for my own clients. I believe my varied education
and broad professional and personal experience enable
me to be effective in working with you as your therapist.