Hypnosis Solutions

Below is a partial list of other problems and situations for or
situations, please call or email me and we can design a
hypnosis session unique to you. The typical number of
sessions for most problems is 2. The purpose of the first
session is to understand your unique situation and to gather
the kind of information which will be helpful to design your
second hypnosis session.

Addictions (all kinds)
Anger Management
Blood Pressure Management  
Body Image
Business Skills and Success  
Childbirth and Fertility
Children's Issues (all kinds)
Cholesterol Control  
Concentration and Recall
Confidence in Public
Confidence with Females
Confidence with Males
Coping with Animal Grief  
Driving Test Fear  
Easy Sleeping  
Ego Strengthening
Enhancing Creativity and Imagination  
Erectile Dysfunction  
Exam Confidence
Fears and Phobias (all kinds)
Fear of Death
Fear of Driving
Fear of Flying
Fear of Needles (Injections)  
Fear of Spiders  
Fear of the Dentist
Fear of Wasps  
Fear of What Others Think  
Financial Abundance
Finding Inner Wisdom  
Health and Longevity  
Letting go of a Lover  
Letting go of a Parent  
Letting go of Jealousy  
Making Decisions  
Medical Problems
Memory and Learning
Morning Sickness
Motivation for Exercise  
Nail Biting
Pain Relief
Performance (in all fields)
Personal Growth
Positive Thinking and Doing  
Premature Ejaculation
Preparation for Surgery  
Psychiatric Disorders
Rapid Healing After Surgery  
Releasing Guilt  Energy  
Self Acceptance
Self Image
Self Worth
Sexual Enhancement
Smoking Cessation
Social Interaction  
Speaking in Public
Sport Performance (all types)
Stamina and Staying Power  
Stress and Anxiety
Stuttering and Stammering
Success/Failure Syndrome  
Ultimate Self Worth  
ht Loss and Control