Introductory Seminar
Video Version

Welcome to the video version of the Quit Smoking in
One Hour Introductory Seminar. This video will answer
most of your questions about how hypnosis can help
you. I hope that you find these videos helpful and
informative. The whole seminar, including the quiz
questions after each segment, will take less than a half
hour. If after watching the videos you have any further
questions, please don't hesitate to contact me by phone
or email and I will be glad to address these questions
with you.
1. Introduction (3:00)
Why do I want to give up smoking?
2. Habits vs. Addictions (5:00)
True or False
  • One of the basic questions to understand about the
    unconscious part of me is, "What does smoking do
    for me?"

True or False
  • When the unconscious part of me can find other
    ways to fulfill its function, I can probably give up
Which statement is more true?
  1. Smoking is an addiction
  2. Smoking is a habit

True or False
  • Smoking is one of the most powerfully conditioned
    habits known to mankind

True or False
  • When it comes to smoking, there is a part of me
    that wants to quit and another part of me that
    justifies continuing to smoke

True  or False
  • The purpose of the Quit Smoking in One Hour
    program is to get the conflicting parts of me to
    work together for the benefit of my total self
3. Unconscious Payoffs (5:30)
4. Myths and Misconceptions
about Hypnosis (6:00)
Which statement is true
  1. makes people do what they don't want to do
  2. makes people do what they do want to do

True or false
  • Hypnosis is nothing more than an extreme state of
    focus and relaxation
5. What to expect after the
hypnosis session (3:00)
After the Quit smoking in one hour session I can
expect to feel one of the following things...

  1. I'll feel free of the cravings forever like I never had
    a cigarette in my life
  2. I'll have an occasional thought that I would like a
    cigarette but that thought will pass quickly and I
    will easily deal with my feelings and exercise my
    choice to not have a cigarette.